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Gregorian Date
MONDAY, MAY 27, 2024
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Abuja Prayer Times

Fajr: 04:54am
Shuruq(Sunrise): 06:09am
Zuhr: 12:32pm
Asr: 03:52pm
Magrib: 06:47pm
Isha: 07:56pm
Qiblah: 10:20am
Moonrise: 22:36
Moonset: 09:37

News / Announcements


ASQIN is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established and registered in Nigeria as a Corporate Body (CAC/IT/NO 62755) in July 2013. The Oraganization was established for the purpose of educating Muslims on Prayer Times, Qiblah Direction of (Ka’aba) and Moon Sighting.


To be in the forefront in advocating the unity of Muslim Ummah in connection with:

  • a) Observing the Five Daily Prayers at the Correct Times;
  • b) Locating and Facing the Accurate Qiblah Direction ; and
  • c) Unification of the Crescent Moon Sighting by Muslims within Nigeria and across the World.


a) To Create Awareness and Educate the Muslim Ummah on the Correct Prayer Time;
b) To Determine Accurate Qiblah Direction of (Ka’abah) for existing and new Masajids (Mosques); and
c) To Unify Sighting of the Crescent Moon by Muslims using Tools and Experts in Astronomical, Historical and Geographical methods derived from Islamic Perspectives.

Zakkat Information

Blood Money/Diyyar: ₦486,288,000.00
Dowry/Sadaki: ₦121,572.00
Nisab Value: 87.48g of Gold
Minimum Zakkah: ₦9,725,760.00
Portion of wealth: 2.5% OR 1/40th
Source: Islamic Timing and Research Organization.
For Inquiry Contact:
+234 803 314 0010 or +234 703 255 8231

Abuja Setting

Qiblah Degree: 64.7
Longitude: 07:27:23.0
Latittude: 09:03:16:0
Elevation: 460.0m
Time Zone: 1.00