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ASTRO-QIBLAH INITIATIVE (ASQIN) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established and registered in Nigeria as a Corporate Body (CAC/IT/NO 62755) in July 2013. The Oraganization was established to for the purpose of educating Muslims on Prayer Times, Qiblah Direction of (Ka’aba) and Moon Sighting.

Vision Statement

  • Observing the Five Daily Prayers at the Correct Times;
  • Locating and Facing the Accurate Qiblah Direction of (Ka’aba); and
  • Unification of the Crescent Moon Sighting by Muslims within Nigeria and across the World.

Mission Statement

  • To Create Awareness and Educate the Muslim Ummah on the Correct Prayer Time;
  • To Determine Accurate Qiblah Direction of (Ka’aba) for existing and new Masajids (Mosques); and
  • To Unify Sighting of the Crescent Moon by Muslims using Tools and Experts in Astronomical, Historical and Geographical methods derived from Islamic Perspectives.

Aims and Objectives

The main Objective of ASQIN is to Create Awareness on Proper Prayer Times and Encourage Muslims to adopt it, determine Correct Qiblah Direction for existing and new Masajids and unify the Sighting of Crescent Moon through organizing Training Programmes, Public Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Symposia, Camps and Class Instructions and to inculcate Islamic Culture, Good Norms, Moral Discipline, Values, methods of developing Self Confidence and Ideals of National Unity.


The following are major activities of the organization but not limited to:

  • Organizing Daily/Weekly and Monthly Lectures for educating Muslims on Prayer Times, Moon Sighting and Qiblah Direction.
  • Organizing Seminars, Workshops and Training Programmes on Prayer Times, Moon Sighting and Qiblah Direction;
  • Monthly Moon Sighting across Nigeria;
  • Daily Observation of Prayer and Qiblah Times based on the movement of Sun and Sun’s Shadow to determine the beginning and actual Prayer and Qiblah times;
  • Daily observation of Moon Rise and Moon Set Times;
  • Monthly observation of beginning of the morning twilight (Al-Fijr) and Sunrise;
  • Monthly observation of ending of the evening twilight (Shafaq);
  • Correction of Qiblah Direction of existing Masjids that were built on wrong direction of Qiblah;
  • Determining and Locating of Correct Qiblah Direction for new Masjids;
  • Preparing and Production of Timing Calendar(s);
  • Coordinating and monitoring the activities of Islamic Timing Organizations in Nigeria especially in preparation of their yearly Timing Calendars in order to maintain Unity and Standard;
  • Monthly and Quarterly Meetings.

Board of Trustees

List of some ASQIN Achievement

1Conducted training workshops on Prayer times, Qiblah direction and Moon Sighting in Abuja, Kaduna, Gusau and others
2Qibla Redirection of Salamatu Kabir Institute Juma’at Masjid at Sardauna Crescent by Bashama Road Kaduna, Kaduna State, Nigeria.
3Qibla Redirection of Masjid of National Judicial Institute (NJI) near Jabi Flyover Along Airport Road F.C.T. Abuja, Nigeria
4Qibla Redirection of Masjid of Muslim Ummah College of Environmental Studies (CES) Barnawa Campus Kaduna Polytechnic Kaduna, Nigeria.
5Qibla Redirection of Masjid of Kuse Road at Shooting Range Kabala Kaduna, Nigeria.
6Conducted National Consultation and Dialogue with Government Organizations/Agencies, Islamic Organizations, Religious Scholars, Traditional Rulers and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) in the country toward achievement the goal of ASQIN and National Unity
7Established a good relationship with Muslim Bodies through dialogue and consultations such as Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Jama’atul Nasiril Islam (JNI), Jama’atul Izalatul Bidia Waiqamatussunnah (JIBWIS), Fitiyanul Islam, FOWAN and many others
8Played a great role in reducing the controversy of Moon Sighting in Nigeria. Today Muslims in this country start and end Ramadan Fasting on the same day with Muslims in other countries in the world unlike before
9Succeeded in harmonizing the most popular Islamic Timing Calendars in Nigeria that is (Timing Chapter and Timing Committee)
10Convinced many Muslims to realize and appreciate that Prayer Times are not fixed but do change from to time to time due to changes in the daily movement of the sun
11Made Positive Impact in educating Muslims in the country. Many Individual and Islamic organizations have recognized and appreciated its Initiatives and programmes
12Prepared and produced a timing calendar that included information such as Qiblah Degrees of Towns, Qiblah Times, Moon Rise and Moon Set apart from the normal prayer times
13Invited to correct the Qiblah direction of Existing Masajids that were built on wrong Qiblah Direction in Nigeria especially in Abuja, Kaduna, Jos, Gusau, Nasarawa and Kogi State
14Invited to locate correct Qiblah Direction for new Masajids that were recently constructed and some are still under construction in Nigeria especially in Abuja and Kaduna