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Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh - Welcome to ASQIN Website
Hijrah Date: AL-KHAMIS 17 - JIMADAL-THANI - 1443 Gregorian Date: THURSDAY 20 - JANUARY - 2022
RAJAB COUNT DOWN Months Days Hours Minutes
1 14 330 19,755
Abuja Prayer Times ASTRO-QIBLAH INITIATIVE (ASQIN) Zakkat Information
Fajr: 05:37am
Shuruq(Sunrise): 06:51am
Zuhr: 12:46pm
Asr: 04:02pm
Magrib: 06:33pm
Isha: 07:41pm
Qiblah: 04:58
Moonrise: 20:48
Moonset: 08:45
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ASQIN is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established and registered in Nigeria as a Corporate Body (CAC/IT/NO 62755) in July 2013. The Oraganization was established for the purpose of educating Muslims on Prayer Times, Qiblah Direction of (Ka’aba) and Moon Sighting.
Manslaughter/Diyyar: 101,216,000.00
Dowry/Sadaki: 25,304.00
Nisab Value: 87.48g of Gold
Minimum Zakkah: 2,024,320.00
Portion of wealth: 2.5% OR 1/40th
Source: Islamic Timing and Research Organization.
For Inquiry Contact: +234803 314 0010 or
+234703 255 8231
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To be in the forefront in advocating the unity of Muslim Ummah in connection with:
a) Observing the Five Daily Prayers at the Correct Times;
b) Locating and Facing the Accurate Qiblah Direction ; and
c) Unification of the Crescent Moon Sighting by Muslims within Nigeria and across the World.
News / Announcements MISSION STATEMENT Abuja Settings
MOON SIGHTING FOR RAJAB 1443H a) To Create Awareness and Educate the Muslim Ummah on the Correct Prayer Time;
b) To Determine Accurate Qiblah Direction of (Ka’abah) for existing and new Masajids (Mosques); and
c) To Unify Sighting of the Crescent Moon by Muslims using Tools and Experts in Astronomical, Historical and Geographical methods derived from Islamic Perspectives.
Qiblah Degree: 64.7
Longitude: 07:27:23.0
Latittude: 09:03:16:0
View Details Elevation: 460.0m
Time Zone: 1.00
Office Address: Unguwar Sarki Bustop Adjacent to Oando Filling Station Kaduna, Nigeria
For any inquiry Contacts: 09096369117, 08020878075, 08133842474, 08098090054 and 07032558231.
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